Tips On Working With Your Insurance Company

Tips on Working With Your Insurance Company

Tips on Working With Your Insurance Company

Colorado Roofing and Construction works to get you every single dollar you need to fix your home damage.  Our Insurance claim specialists are highly trained to assess the damage and negotiate your insurance claim with the Insurance Adjuster for actual home damage.

Here are some tips for you to follow when working with the Insurance Company
  • After a storm if you feel you might have storm damage on your home, contact Colorado Roofing and Construction at 720.328-3713 for a FREE EVALUATION to determine if you have any damage that will justify filing a claim and/or if your roof needs to be tarped.
  • After you have met with us and damage has been determined you will contact your Insurance Agent.
  • Your insurance agent may authorize any temporary repairs necessary to prevent further damage.  Keep receipts for any emergency repairs in order to get reimbursed.
  • You should be contacted by the insurance claims department.
  • An insurance adjuster will be assigned to inspect and evaluate the loss.
  • We’ll meet personally with your insurance adjuster and go over the storm damage and make sure you get every dollar you need to get you home back into top condition.
  • Once the adjuster’s inspection is complete you should receive a claim sheet itemizing the scope of damage and the funds available to complete the repairs, less your deductible and depreciation.
  • Colorado Roofing and Construction will be your licensed contractor for your repairs and work closely with the insurance adjuster.
  • Most homeowner policies grant coverage for full replacement cost minus your deductible provided the actual repairs are completed.  If you’re not sure ask your representative at Colorado Roofing and Construction or the insurance adjuster.
  • Your insurance company may also hold back depreciation.  Depreciation is the amount of your settlement that is not paid unless/or until you complete the repairs on your home.  The depreciation check is usually cut only after the your contractor submits the final invoice.  Your Colorado Roofing and Construction representative can explain this in more detail.
  • After the final invoice is submitted, possibly your insurance company, and sometimes your mortgage company, may want to do a final inspection to insure the work billed has been completed in a workmanship like manner with quality materials before releasing the depreciation check.

NOTE: All insurance carriers have their own method of processing claims. The is just a general outline.

If you have further questions about the claims process call 720.328-3713 today

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