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by Justin M on 11/14/2016
Hello my name is Justin and I own a home in Castle Rock Colorado. During the summer months my home was damaged by the numerous hail storms. As this was my first home and my first home insurance claim I was new the upcoming experience and a little nervous. My home was visited by at least 50 roofers claiming they would do the best job for me, my neighbors all had signs in their yards, and I was receiving tons of letters/flyers. Some of the more intriguing people I allowed the opportunity to give me their sales pitch and estimate my property. It became clear that I needed to do a claim on my home. So I called my insurance company that had an adjuster come out, take pictures of my home, and send me an adjusters report. The report was unclear and filled with lingo that I was not familiar with. It did include a total that I was told was fair. I then gave the total to the most intriguing roofer salesmen (and a woman). Who looked over the adjusters report and assured me they would fix everything listed (even though I didn’t even know what half of it was) and stated it would only cost me my $1000 deductible. I had one more company that I had previously scheduled an estimate with to look over my home and then my adjusters report; Colorado Roofing and Construction. I met with John Duvall with the expectations that he would walk around my home (like everyone else did), review my adjusters report, and tell me that he could repair everything listed for no additional costs than my deductible. However, that’s not at all what happened. John Duvall walked up to my home, introduced himself, as I handed him the adjusters report he refused it. He then actually looked at my house, he was very thorough, and unbeknownst to me he took what seemed liked thousands of pictures of my home. He then approached me and stated that he would be repairing numerous things that were damaged by the hail not included within the adjusters report. He gave me what seemed like 250% more than any other salesmen. The experience was so unlike the other 5 experiences I signed a contract with John right away. About 24 hours later I received an email from John which was a complete re-write of the original adjusters report (in the adjuster report format) however, it was descriptive and formatted in a way that I understood the damages and the cost to repair the damages. John had also sent the report to my insurance company (again unbeknownst to me). With the additional images and amazing documentation my insurance company almost doubled the amount of money originally requested to complete the repairs to my home. John and his team fixed things with my home that I didn’t even realize had been damaged. John went above and beyond on each repair to make me feel comfortable, he hired an exterior designer to help me pick colors, he walked me through each step of every process. His experience in the industry shined through in every part of the process. He made special trips to my home just to make sure the inspector wouldn’t have any reason to delay the process. He responded to each email, text, and phone call within hours. Each member of his team went above and beyond to provide me a great experience. This is my first home, this was my first insurance claim, and I can’t imagine it going any smoother. I truly believe it’s because of my choice in John Duvall with Colorado Roofing and Construction.

Thank you for the help you gave my parents, Fedencio and Romelia. When i called your company I didn’t expect the lengths you would go through to help my parents.

The roof looks great, your company did an excellent job. Thank you for working with my parents on what they were able to pay for the work done. It is extremely rare these days to find a company such as yours who is willing to give back in a time of need.

God honors men like you and I am praying that this act of kindness will pay great dividends for your company and for you as individuals. I count it a privilege to have the honor of meeting you.
Sincerely,  Alfred

Excellent. Colorado Roofing and Construction was recommended to me and i would recommend them to others as the provided great service, great cleanup, came when they said they would, finished fast — great product !

Colorado Roofing and Construction did a VERY EXCELLENT job on my roof. Did all the paper work for the insurance. They did an excellent job on every thing.
Daniel R.

I found Colorado Roofing and Construction from a personal referral. They did an excellent job. Great personal representation. Hard working. Personable crew. Great job!
Hal G.

Rated “excellent”.  Arrived on time and cleanup was excellent.

Found from referral. Rated “excellent”. BBB comment card “very concise, thorough, timely and dependable.”

We look forward to providing you quality construction and excellent customer service in meeting your home repair needs.  Call the professionals today at Colorado Roofing and Construction at 720-328-3713

John Duvall