Insurance Claims Assistance

Colorado Roofing and Construction Insurance Assistance

Colorado Roofing and Construction Insurance Assistance

Colorado Roofing and Construction takes the hassle out of filing for your insurance claim.  Our Insurance claim specialists are highly trained to assess the damage and negotiate your insurance claim with the Insurance Adjuster to ensure the claims process is smooth and best serves the homeowner.

Insurance Claims and Solutions

Ever notice most businesses ask you for information and give you none? At Colorado Roofing and Construction we welcome your questions. We want you to have a solid understanding of your project so we can offer the best solution. This allows us to expedite your claim, better understand your needs, and schedule repairs as fast as possible.

Many of us have never filed a claim with an insurance company. We are unsure of procedure and the extent of our involvement. We don’t understand our policy coverage or our rights as a policy holder and we usually have a lot of questions…

What is my Insurance Company going to do with my call?

  • What information do they need from me?
  • How can I be assured that my adjustment is fair?
  • Do I have any say about this?
  • What can I do to protect my settlement?
  • How do I understand what I am reading on my adjustment?
  • After the fuzzy math, depreciation and deductibles, how much do I get?
  • How do I receive my payments?
  • Do I have to use all this money on my repairs?
  • Do they pick a contractor or do I find my own?
  • How long will this take?

It is your Insurance Company’s responsibility to respond to claims made within a certain time frame. This varies depending on severity of each disaster. The response period is regulated by the State Board of Insurance within the state that you reside. When you make your call and file a claim, they should give you a schedule of when you can expect help.

During your initial phone contact, they will ask you a series of questions. This should supply them with the information needed to build your file and start the claims process. They will issue you a claim number and the process will begin.

Once an adjuster has visited your property they will contact you to offer further information, schedule for paperwork etc … This usually takes a few days to complete. If there are additional questions, they will get back with you once they have completed your claim loss estimate sheet. Some insurance adjusters deliver this in person, others mail it to you. Many adjusters will ask you if you have chosen a contractor or taken any bids on repairs. If you have, many times they will work directly with your chosen contractor to clarify cost, expedite payment and allow for scheduling of repairs. They know that we speak the construction language and can help to represent our clients, saving a lot of time in managing the claim. In fact, it is usually best for you, in order to insure the damage is appropriately and thoroughly evaluated to have your adjuster meet with your chosen contractor to review the damages together.

Your best protection for proper settlement concerning your repair cost is knowledge in the construction/roofing/repair industry (which most people don’t have). It is imperative that you locate a good contractor, check them out and then allow them to assist you. A quality, reputable contractor with references and a track record can sometimes be the only line of defense that you have between you and an improper or incomplete settlement. Note:  Colorado Roofing and Construction is a member of the Better Business Bureau (rated “A”) has many customer references and happy client testimonials to share with you.

Understand that you are not stuck with the first estimate that the insurance company gives you. This is simply an estimated guess as to the cost of repairs and to those items in need of attention. It may be all inclusive and thorough or not.  There are knowledgeable Insurance Adjusters and those in a learning stage. Naturally, if they are going to err in estimating fair claims prices, it will usually be to the advantage of the Insurance Company.

Once you have your information you should sit down with your chosen contractor and have them go thru the adjustment with you. They will explain what you are reading and cover all aspects concerning depreciation……deductibles……payments and bottom-line settlement.  If necessary they can open dialog with your adjuster on your behalf to make any necessary negotiation adjustments to complete the settlement. Insurance Companies vary widely on how and what they pay for loss.  Be represented – this is your fastest, most complete and economic way to a proper settlement with your Insurance Company.  We are here to advocate for you and this is our specialty.

Once you and your contractor feel that terms have been reached ask for written confirmation. This is very important! Adjusters are cycled in and out of disaster areas. Some are long term in the region and some are temporary. It is sometimes difficult for replacements to pick-up where their associates left off.  Get everything in writing to avoid problems later on claims that are still in open file status.  Once you have received confirmation that your claim is processed, you may contact your contractor and begin repairs.

Remember that your local contractor is on your team! At Colorado Roofing & Construction we are here to help. Call us at (720) 328-3713 or email us and we will be happy to assist with any additional questions that you may have.  After that, let CR&C complete your repairs.  We guaranty – you will be glad you did.