Hail Damage Repair

Colorado Roofing and Construction, Denver Roofing

Colorado Roofing and Construction, Denver Roofing

What is Hail Damage?

Hail is a large frozen ball of rain that is often produced by thunderstorms. When large hail and strong winds combine, they can cause serious damage to your house and property, especially your roof, siding, gutters, and windows.

How did Hail damage my roof?

Hail can hit hard and has been known to break windows and dent cars.  Hail can cause soft spots, dents or bruising to your shingles.  In some cases the hail will break all the way through the shingle.  Hail will also often cause dents or marks on the metal roof venting system.  Hail damage MAY or MAY NOT be visible. If you think you have sustained hail damage, please call us at 720-328-3713 for a Free Inspections or fill out our free estimate form.  You may not find out how much damage its caused until it is too late!

How did Hail damage my siding and gutters?

Vinyl siding will normally show breaks, cracks, or holes.  Aluminum siding will often have dents in it.  Dents visible from hail on your siding are often cosmetic, but in most cases are still covered by insurance.  Hail can dent or even put holes in your gutters.

What will Hail Damage do?

Hail damage will allow water to seep through your roof into your ceilings and walls.  This can cause many thousands of dollars of damage that are NOT covered by insurance.  This will also cause mold to grow, which is a massive health risk for you and your family.

Is it too late to fix my Hail damage?

We advise all our clients to get their damage fixed as soon as possible. However, we still will be able to help you if you have not had time to get to it yet.  Call us today at 720-328-3713 for a Free so we can help you out!

Should I wait to fix hail damage?


Call Colorado Roofing and Construction for a FREE INSPECTION as soon as possible.  We know how much time and effort it takes to upkeep your home.  Understand though this is our specialty and we’re here to make it as easy as possible.  Here’s the typical process once the storm is over and you think you’ve got hail damage:

  1. Contact Colorado Roofing and Construction for a FREE INSPECTION – BEFORE contacting the insurance company to insure you have sufficient real home damage to receive insurance coverage.   This is an important step to insure you are not calling in a claim only to be denied and end up with an insurance report showing a claim although it was denied – yes, it happens. 
  2. Call your Insurance Company once we verify that you have a real case, bring it to your insurance company. 
  3. They will let you know when an insurance adjuster is coming out.  Take note of the date & time and let your roofer know.  Is is a good idea to have the roofer there with the adjuster to ensure he sees all the damage and the scope of work is appropriate e.g., broken windows, garage doors, decks, fences, roof flashings, etc. if damaged are being replaced.
  4. Once the insurance company has agreed you need a new roof, they will send you a check for the replacement cost less your deductible.
  5. This is the fun part!  Call the experts at Colorado Roofing and Construciton at 720-328-3713 to help you get that new roof and other needed repairs scheduled.

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